An autobiographical comic about my blended family
by Rachel Kane.  Updates on Tuesdays

About the McNaughties

The McNaughties aren't your typical TV sitcom or comic strip family. Dad doesn't work the traditional 9-to-5 blue-collar job while Mom stays home - they both collaborate on many jobs, always coming up with some new business idea. None of the children have the same two parents or last name. But despite trading ties and aprons for ear gauges and purple hair, this blended family strives to maintain as much normalcy as possible...which turns out to be anything but.

Based on our real-life exchanges and adventures. Updates on Tuesdays.

The McNaughties made their debut in a book that I made as an anniversary present to my boyfriend, James. While browsing gift ideas, I came across LoveBooks, but decided it wasn't our thing. So, being an overachiever, I took the customization and humor further by making my own book, which was basically a LoveBook spoof, featuring cartoon likenesses of us. Having always wanted to publish a book but never finishing anything I started, I realized the book was decent AND was something I finally finished, so I published it. Also, having not made a webcomic since I unintentionally stopped creating them for my other comic, Company Lunch, I decided that it would make an awesome semi-autobiographical webcomic...and, as was the case with Company Lunch, with real-life insanity like this, it writes itself!

The McNaughties is drawn in pencil, inked in Sharpie, then colored digitally using GIMP.

The Dad

Independant electrician, landscaper, speaker installer, FoodDasher, but still not enough. Always brainstorming business ideas with Rachel and is the sales half of their partnership. Speaker system connoisseur, always dancing. Loud, brash, and talkative but still hilarious. Authoritative know-it-all and the voice-of-reason when Rachel isn't. Incredibly indecisive and easily distracted. LOVES food but can never decide what to eat. Has gauges in his ears and wears all black but "isn't a goth".

The Mom

Works a full-time office job, runs a baking business on the side, freelance cartoonist and author, but still not enough. Always brainstorming business ideas with James and is the execution half of their partnership. Calmer and quieter than James with the occasional explosion. The voice-of-reason when James isn't. Everyone takes her sarcasm too seriously. Incredibly indecisive. Either easily distracted or WAY too focused. LOVES food but can never decide what to eat. Was the goth girl in high school but still wears all black because it wasn't "just a phase",

The 6th Grader

Rachel's son, half-brother of Ben. Basically child-version of James without the ambition. Shares James' love of speakers and slap. Interests are video games, basketball, and crappy music that kids these days listen to. Dumbass actions result in calls from his middle school assistant principal at least once a week and an email from his teacher every other day.

The 2nd Grader

Rachel's son, half-brother of Logan. Very sweet and well-meaning but painfully unaware. On the autism spectrum, he's simple but gifted, just as his mommy was as a child. Picky eater, loves dubstep.

The Baby

James' son and part-time terrorist...a STINKIN' ADORABLE terrorist!

The Dog

Derpiest husky in all of the land. Scared of the baby.

The real McNaughties